Inquiry Groups

Inquiry groups provide a forum for all Northeastern educators to come together for ongoing dialogue and reflection on a specific topic in teaching and learning.

Inquiry groups typically involve periodic group meetings (either in person or online) over the course of a semester.

Our two inquiry groups during Spring 2020 include:

Designing Your Own Way Into SAIL Inquiry GroupThis inquiry group will meet every other week to explore together how we are investigating the integration of SAIL into our own educational practice. Bring your ideas for activities or resources that you would like to develop, and we will use processes informed by Design-Based Research (DBR) to help one another envision, design, and iterate on concrete ideas for practice. Semi-structured discussions will emphasize collegial support, collaborative brainstorming, and practical output. Light refreshments will be served. Meeting dates are 2/12, 2/26, 3/18, 4/1, and 4/15. Recommended for: Northeastern University educators interested in collaboratively designing and refining new ways to integrate SAIL through the learning sciences. Register here.


Everyone’s a Learner, Everyone’s an Educator: Students as Partners: The learner-educator partnership approach creates a collaborative space for work toward the improvement of learning, defined by Cook-Sather et al. (2014) as a “reciprocal process through which all participants have the opportunity to contribute.” In this inquiry group, we will read and discuss chapters from the recently published how-to book on pedagogical partnerships by Alison Cook-Sather and her students Melanie Bahti and Anita Ntem. Meeting dates are 3/11, 3/25, and 4/08. Recommended for: Northeastern University educators interested in partnering with students. Register here.