Inquiry Groups

Inquiry groups provide a forum for all Northeastern educators to come together for ongoing dialogue and reflection on a specific topic in teaching and learning.

Inquiry groups typically involve periodic group meetings (either in person or online) over the course of a semester.

Our inquiry groups during Summer 2020 include:

Bringing Online Experiential Learning Projects Into Your Course: This inquiry group will explore how Northeastern’s Experiential Network (XN) projects can provide an online avenue for students to gain valuable real-world experience, develop cross-disciplinary skills (like those in the SAIL framework), and build confidence. Each interactive session will focus on a topic of central importance to experiential projects, including how to prepare students, support their learning, assess their project work, and connect with project sponsors through Northeastern’s Experiential Network. In addition to attending three real-time sessions, participants will complete a small number of short readings and activities between meetings. Real-time, synchronous session dates are: June 10, June 17, & June 24. Register here