Inquiry Groups

Inquiry groups provide a forum for all Northeastern educators to come together for ongoing dialogue and reflection on a specific topic in teaching and learning.

Inquiry groups typically involve periodic group meetings (either in person or online) over the course of a semester.

Online Learning Inquiry Group (Fall 2018)

For educators with all levels of experience teaching online.

This inquiry group will meet for five bi-weekly sessions in a synchronous, online format. We will discuss readings from the book Teaching Online by Claire Howell Major (2015). Participants who register by September 17th and commit to all meetings will receive the text.

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Students as Partners Inquiry Group (Fall 2018)

For educators interested in partnering with students (bring a student with you!).

Students as Partners is an approach to learning that is founded on the core principles of respect, reciprocity, and shared responsibility. Recent research indicates that this approach makes the learning experience more engaging and effective for both students and educators. Drawing on the guidebook Engaging Students as Partners in Learning and Teaching by Alison Cook-Sather, Catherine Bovill, and Peter Felten (2014), participants will develop a plan for partnering with learners on a course, research project, or other learning experience. This inquiry group will meet for two sessions.

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