Self-Paced: Getting the Most Out of Hybrid NUflex and Remote Learning: A Module for Students

Jun 1 — Jun 30

Students who are equipped to be motivated and self-directed learners will be better prepared to succeed in the Hybrid NUflex model that combines on-ground and remote learning. Learning also has an important social dimension, and it helps students to know how to reach out to faculty and peers even when learning at a distance. Faculty are using new tools, such as Zoom, and that means we are developing norms for using these tools in a mature and respectful manner.

To meet these needs, CATLR has developed a self-paced module for students that includes video tips and recommended exercises to do at key moments in a course, such as the first week or before midterms. Faculty can import this module into their courses. It is fully editable, allowing faculty to revise, delete, or add whatever content they wish.

[Session format: Self-paced, asynchronous online modules]


Jun 1, 2021 — Jun 30, 2021

Online – Asynchronous

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