Lilo Altali

Incorporating generative AI into my teaching strategy is centered on personalizing student learning experiences and enhancing creative engagement. I use GenAI to tailor assignments to individual interests, ensuring they align with key learning objectives and foster a deeper connection to the material. GenAI acts as a supportive tool for students, serving as a co-pilot in their educational journey, which emphasizes their active role in learning.

Lilo Altali
Assistant Teaching Professor
Undergraduate Program Lead, Project Management
College of Professional Studies

Just as academic assignments evolved to incorporate tools like Microsoft Word, demanding specific standards in font size, spacing, and margins, a similar adaptation is now imperative in the age of AI. This evolution calls for instructors to actively engage in open, transparent discussions with students about the use of AI. Given the rapid pace at which AI is advancing, we must acknowledge that our guidelines and understandings today might quickly become outdated. As a response, our approach should be dynamic, continuously evolving with the technology, to ensure that we harness AI as a tool for enhancing, rather than diminishing, the educational experience.

My advice to other instructors is to start with modest AI integrations, viewing it as an enhancement to their teaching, and to encourage students to use AI as a tool for deeper learning and problem-solving. This approach not only enriches the educational experience but also prepares students for a future where AI is an integral part of various fields. I would also encourage instructors to be transparent with students. Ask them how they are using AI and have an honest conversation on the first day of class. I highly discourage penalizing students for using AI tools. The issue, in my view, does not reside with the student leveraging these tools, nor with the assignment itself, but fundamentally with how the course and its assessments are designed by the instructor.

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