Our Vision

A networked community of learners, educators, and scholars who value diversity and collaborate to create an inclusive and transformative learning ecosystem.

Our Mission

The Center for Advancing Teaching and Learning Through Research (CATLR) inspires, equips, and connects learners, educators, and scholars to design, integrate, and research learning across experiences.

CATLR provides a broad range of opportunities for all Northeastern educators, including faculty, co-curricular educators/staff, graduate students, and postdoctoral fellows to deepen their practice in ways that enhance student learning–through workshops, consultations, research, customized programming, assessment, and the development of new, innovative models for learning and education.

We promote educational principles and practices that value diversity and intentionally foster inclusive learning environments.

Our Goals

  • Foster the design of engaging and intellectually challenging learning environments that are informed by learning science
  • Promote inclusive learning experiences that value equity and diversity
  • Promote the design and implementation of a cohesive Northeastern experience in which learning is integrated across contexts
  • Partner with community members to leverage the perspective that everyone is both a learner and educator to enhance learning in every experience
  • Promote practices supporting holistic lifelong learning
  • Promote and engage in research focused on teaching and learning
  • Advance a culture of iterative assessment that continuously strengthens teaching and learning