Wednesday, May 3, 2023

2023 Conference for Advancing Evidence-Based Learning

Experience and Inclusion for Powerful Learning


The Conference for Advancing Evidence-Based Learning brings together educators from across Northeastern’s global network to showcase and inspire research and evidence-based practice in teaching and learning. This year’s virtual conference focuses on the intersection of experiential learning and inclusion across Northeastern’s rich constellation of learning opportunities.


In educational contexts, the term “evidence-based” means both designing educational experiences based on findings from research on learning, student development, and other related fields, and carrying out structured inquiries that collect and analyze evidence to further our understanding of learning. We welcome contributions across the spectrum of evidence-informed approaches and across a variety of formats, including presentations, lightning rounds, and posters.

Northeastern’s holistic, lifelong approach to learning recognizes that everyone involved in a learner’s educational experience is an educator. We invite faculty, staff, administrators, post-doctoral fellows, and undergraduate and graduate students from all Northeastern campuses to submit a proposal to share their work. We also welcome community and industry partners to co-present with their Northeastern collaborators.

Registration is now closed. Please email [email protected] if you would like to attend.


Important Dates

Please note these important dates and deadlines:

  • Registration is now closed. Please email [email protected] if you would like to attend.
  • Conference Date: Wednesday, May 3, 2023

Conference Theme

Register now for the Conference for Advancing Evidence-Based Learning on May 3, 2023, 10:00 AM – 3:30 PM EST 

As always, the CAEBL will emphasize educational practice whose design is informed by research on learning and presenters’ teaching and learning research.

In support of Northeastern’s strategic plan, “Experience Unleashed,” this year’s conference will highlight work in two areas:

  • Experiential learning in courses: These sessions describe the presenter’s efforts to integrate authentic or applied experiences into academic courses.
  • Equity and inclusion in curriculum: These presentations highlight curriculum decisions made to increase inclusivity for a diverse student population.

Conference attendees will have the opportunity to learn about fully developed and implemented educational practices educational innovations or ideas in development through presentations and digital posters with interactive Q & A.

Please contact CATLR by email ([email protected]) or phone (+1.617.373.3157) with any questions regarding the conference.

One of the most valuable aspects of the conference was meeting other people who have the same passion for community engagement.

2022 Conference Attendee


If you have any questions, email [email protected].