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Conference for Advancing Evidence-Based Learning

Tuesday, April 28, 2020


The Conference for Advancing Evidence-Based Learning showcases Northeastern faculty, staff/co-curricular educators, administrators, post-doctoral fellows, and graduate students who engage in research and collaborate on evidence-based practice in teaching and learning.

In educational contexts, the term “evidence-based” means both designing educational experiences based on findings from research on learning, student development, and other related fields and carrying out structured inquiries that collect and analyze evidence to further understand learning.

Northeastern’s holistic, lifelong approach to learning recognizes that everyone involved in a student’s educational experience is an educator. In addition to inviting faculty presenters, we invite all staff/co-curricular educators, administrators, post-doctoral fellows, and graduate students to submit a proposal to present their work through the lens of the theoretical frameworks that inform it. Sessions also include educators presenting on the ways in which they are collaborating with each other and with students to design robust learning experiences.

Educational Transparency

This year’s conference theme is Educational Transparency, which describes the many ways we can help more of our learners get to the heart of what we want them to learn faster and more powerfully. Transparency involves being explicit about what we want people to learn, why that’s important, what success looks like, and what capacities they will develop along the way. Research shows that this kind of clarity helps everyone but is most beneficial for traditionally marginalized learner populations. Like learning itself, educational transparency can take a nearly infinite number of forms, and this year’s conference will showcase and investigate the creativity of Northeastern educators in their pursuit of its benefits.

Attendee Registration Opens: Late March 2020

Keynote: Dr. Mary-Ann Winkelmes



Transparent Activities Promote Equitable Opportunities for Student Success

As the population of college students becomes increasingly diverse, multi-generational and non-traditional, how can we provide equitable learning opportunities for a broad variety of learners? Transparent activities show great promise for increasing learners’ awareness of how they learn, confidence, sense of belonging, persistence and success – with even greater gains for non-traditional and underserved students (Winkelmes et al., 2016). Transparent learning involves educator/learner conversations about the relevant knowledge to be gained from academic work, the skills to be practiced, required tasks, expected criteria, and examples before students begin working. Transparent approaches have been used in classrooms, departments, administrative units, and management contexts to creates more equitable opportunities for all.

In this keynote workshop, we’ll review the research findings behind the concept of transparent teaching/learning. Then we’ll apply that research to the design of activities and work assignments in educational and administrative contexts. Participants will leave with a draft assignment or activity for one of their courses or work teams, and a concise set of strategies for designing transparent assignments that promote students’ learning equitably.

Dr. Winkelmes invites you to respond to a 2-question online survey before April 1, 2020.

Read the bio for Dr. Mary-Ann Winkelmes.


Northeastern educators will lead 30-minute Presentations (20-minute presentation, 10-minute Q&A), 75-minute Interactive Workshops, and Roundtable Discussions (~15-minutes of a 60-minute session) that respond to the following topics:

  • Research on Teaching & Learning/Scholarship of Teaching and Learning (SoTL),
  • Evidence-Based Learning, and
  • New Designs for Learning.

The 2020 Conference for Advancing Evidence-Based Learning is no longer accepting proposal submissions. Proposal submitters should expect to hear from the conference committee by Friday, March 6, 2020.


View photos from our 2019 Conference for Advancing Evidence-Based Learning by clicking on the images below.

I truly enjoyed the interesting presenters and encouraging, intellectual exchange around evidence-based learning!

2019 Conference Attendee


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