Martin Dias

Organizations are looking for problem solvers who will help them understand how best to make use of generative AI. Our students have that opportunity because the rules of success in using generative AI capabilities have not been determined. Those who discover how to improve their effectiveness with generative AI will be the most successful.

Martin Dias

Associate Teaching Professor, D’Amore-McKim School of Business

Many students are not yet skilled or comfortable with emerging technologies and thus may be hesitant to make use of them. However, the opportunity cost of not becoming adept with emerging technologies will be very high for our students. I encourage risk-taking by providing opportunities for students to experiment in lower stakes conditions, since those who experiment when the stakes are low will hopefully gain the confidence to experiment when the stakes are higher.

It is important for us, as faculty, to be comfortable with the technology as well, and to demonstrate critical thinking in our use of it. Further, we must be explicit with students about our expectations regarding appropriate (aligning technical capabilities with the nature of the task) and ethical use of generative AI.

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