Personalization at Scale: AI-Generated Case Study Simulations

Lilo Altali
Course Subject:Project Planning
Student Level:Undergraduate Bachelor’s completion (students ages 19-54)
Number of Students:15 per section. The assignment is used in all sections of the course
Developed by:Lilo Altali, Assistant Teaching Professor, College of Professional Students

What Instructor Did

Quickly developed case studies that are personalized to professional specializations of individual students in the course. 

Learning Goals and Purpose

Provide students with case studies that are tailored to their professional project management contexts, while also ensuring that each student demonstrates their level of mastery in relation to the same set of required outcomes and proficiencies. This assignment is tied to program-level outcomes, and so it is also used to determine the effectiveness of the program.


The case study assignment has 5 sub-assignments (interim deliverables). In total, the 5 assignments account for 30% of students’ final grade. This course is part of the core curriculum. Program-level learning outcomes are benchmarked against the quality of the work products that students generate while working on the case.

Faculty Reflections

The beauty of this assignment is that each case study is unique, every semester, for every student, and answers can’t be copied as they might be for published case studies. From the student perspective, there is a lot of excitement – we have found that they love things that are tailored to their specific professional interests. Students also have the option to request a tailored case study for their interest. For example, a student in the Spring semester requested a fitness and e-sports case study project.

Step-by-Step Instructor Directions for Generating the Case Studies

NOTE: See attached instructor directions below.

Step 1Survey students to determine the industries in which they are working (or industries they aspire to work within)
Step 2See attached document with the detailed prompts instructors paste into their Generative AI tool. Note that the prompts generate both the case study narrative and artifacts that students will use to complete the case.

  • Upload objectives/deliverables to Generative AI and ask it to create case studies that are tailored to specific industries. In this way, students are getting an in-depth case study experience that is customized to their industry, but with shared outcomes and deliverables.
  • Generative AI creates both the case and the artifacts that students use as they carry out the case.
  • Artifacts include things like stakeholders, email from human resources to project managers with the policies of their organization, salaries of people who will be involved. Some things they receive add complications, such as the budget getting cut
Step 3Review the Generative AI output and draw on your expertise to correct and edit each of the cases.
Step 4This case study assignment is a simulation that unfolds over multiple weeks. Each week there is a change in the case study scenario that students need to factor into their work (e.g., a budget cut, change in people assigned to the project). Place each week’s case study update in the appropriate modules within the course.

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