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Conference for Advancing Evidence-Based Learning


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All times are displayed in Eastern Daylight Time. The virtual lobby will be open from 12:00-4:00 pm on both days. The Virtual Poster Tour will be accessible asynchronously throughout the conference.


Tuesday, May 4, 2021

11:30-11:45 AM
Welcome and Opening Session

Join us as we begin the day together and set the tone for a day of exploration of evidence-based learning across the Northeastern experience.

12:00-1:00 PM

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Keynote Presentation

Leveraging the Neuroscience of Now: Toward Healing & Recovery | Mays Imad

1:30-1:50 PM

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Concurrent Sessions

SAIL Cross-Culturally: International Students’ Interpretations of Dimensions and Skills

Use of an Online Social Annotation Tool To Enhance Reading Completion and Community Building

Making Connections Across Town and Virtually: Addressing Students’ Competence in Interprofessional Team Care

Meet the Scholars: A Conversation With Laurie Nardone (CSSH) and Kelly Garneau (CSSH)

  • “Owning Their Writing: An Investigation of Students in a Year-Long, First-Year Writing Class” | Nardone
  • “Writing With a Net: Exploring Strategies To Encourage Risk-Taking in First-Year Writing” | Garneau
2:00-2:20 PM

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Concurrent Sessions

Exploring Diversity of Student Learning Strategies

The Impact of Prior Experience on Student Success in Undifferentiated Introductory Coursework

NUSCI Teaching Circles: Faculty Peer Learning Groups To Enhance Inclusive Science Teaching

Meet the Scholars: A Conversation With Mark Sivak (CAMD) and David Tamés (CAMD)

  • “Loop-de-Loop: Using Knowledge of Iterative Design To Improve Iterative Learning” | Sivak
  • “Implementation and Evaluation of Specifications Grading in a Studio Course” | Tamés
2:30-3:45 PM

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Concurrent Sessions

Engaging All Learners in Hybrid Learning Communities Through Discussion Posters

Pedagogical Partnerships: A Conversation With the Teaching and Learning Together in Higher Education Authors

  • “An Authorship Partnership With Undergraduates Studying Authorship in Undergraduate Research Experiences” | Abbott, Andes, Pattani, & Mabrouk.
  • “Service-Learning Success Rooted in Networks of Partnership Centered on Teaching Assistant-Instructor Collaboration” | Begley & Sahli
  • “Embracing Opportunities for Openness in Online Learning” | Cozart-Lundin, & Matthews-DeNatale
  • “How a Multi-Year, Multifaceted, and Iterative Partnership Can Change Teaching, Learning & Research” | Gallo & Berkey
  • “Illustration of Cross-Cultural Communication Partnership Fostered Between Faculty and Graduate Student” | Goodman & Yan
  • “The Power of Food on Campus: A Unique (and Tasty) Co-Creation” | Timmons, Bosso, & Deyo
  • “Listening To Student Voices as a Step Toward Strengthening Inclusive and Intercultural Teaching Approaches” | Hayward, Alawadhi, & Fretias
  • “Students as Partners as a Model for Research on Reflection and Cooperative Education” | Zaff, Klionsky, Matthews-DeNatale, Lam, & Raffo
4:00-4:15 PM
In this brief guided meditation session, we will take time to pause, reconnecting with our breath and the present moment.


Wednesday, May 5, 2021
11:30-11:45 AM
Welcome and Overview of Second Day
12:00-12:20 PM

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Concurrent Sessions

Master Skills at Your Own Pace: A Pseudo-Personalized System of Instruction in an Online Course

Retention and Engagement in Online Education

What Do Undergraduates Want and Need From Their Graduate Student Research Mentors?

Meet the Scholars: A Conversation With Alessandra Di Credico (COS) and Desislava Raytcheva (COS)

  • “Is Less More?” | Di Credico
  • “Inquiries Into Student Assumptions About the Scientific Process” | Raytcheva
12:30-1:45 PM

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Concurrent Sessions

Art as a Pathway To Inclusive Teaching: Using Comics To Improve Student Learning

Integrating Career Education and the Arts To Enhance Community Re-Entry Programs

World Café: Discussions on Equity and Inclusion Across Learning Environments

  • Academic Gymnastics: Flexibility Through Curriculum | Meyer & Fisher
  • Student Engagement and SAIL: When and How? | Giblin & Medwed
  • From “Pedagogical Solitude” To “Pedagogical Partnerships”: Sharing Strategies for Strengthening Inclusive Teaching Practices | Hayward
  • Fostering a Sense of Belonging for All Students During Teamwork | Hertz
  • Facilitating Virtual Dialogues on Complex Topics With Learners of Different Backgrounds | Lauder, Berkey, & English
  • Teaching Strategies To Build Community for International Students | Cardillo
2:00-2:20 PM

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Concurrent Sessions

The Syllabus is a Boys’ Club: The Paucity of Woman Authors in Journalism Course Materials

Implementing Specifications Grading in a Studio Course

Meet the Scholars: A Conversation With John Sangster (COE) and Anne van De Ven-Moloney (COS)

  • “Catching Students Before Freefall: Mitigating the Transition To Higher Education in Precedented and Unprecedented Times” | Sangster
  • “Online Laboratory Courses: Can We Do It? Yes, We Can!” | van De Ven-Moloney

Meet the Scholars: A Conversation With Katy Shorey (CSSH) and Mary Lynn Fahey (Bouvé)

  • “Redesigning Class Debate” | Shorey
  • “Clinical Decision-Making Among Nurse Practitioner Students” | Fahey
2:30-3:45 PM

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Concurrent Sessions

Supporting Learners’ Ethical Engagement of Global Experiences

Toward an Ecosystem of Ethical Community-Engaged Teaching, Learning and Research: A Collaborative Framework

Storyboarding the SAIL Journey: Collaboration and Strategic Culture Change

4:00-4:15 PM
In this brief guided meditation session, we will take time to pause, reconnecting with our breath and the present moment.


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