Engaging in Dialogue with a Scholarly Article

Yvonne Leung
Course Subject:Business intelligence
Student Level:Master’s
Developed by:Yvonne Leung, Assistant Teaching Professor, College of Professional Studies

What Students Did

Using Docalysis (a tool that runs on ChatGPT technology), students engineered prompts to engage in question and answer with the scholarly article.

Learning Goals and Purpose

Learned to read scholarly articles more quickly by applying the active reading strategy of crafting well-formed questions and evaluating responses. Students also learned prompt engineering techniques for generative AI tools.

Faculty Reflections

The activity worked really well. They were engaged with the reading and they got the key ideas very quickly. got the key ideas very quickly. As they shared what they learned, it was clear that there was a big improvement in their understanding of the article. Students can also use Docalysis to help with their research.

Step-by-Step Student Instructions

Step 1Create a Docalysis account and log in.
Step 2Upload the provided research article.
Step 3Conduct a “conversation” by entering a series of prompts.
Step 4Write a summary of what you learned about the article and about the structure of the article and how you might make sense of scholarly articles in the future.

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