Faculty Discuss Online Teaching - Pt. 3

Multimedia in Online Courses

When designing an online course, practical advice from those with experience can be invaluable. In these short videos, Northeastern faculty walk you through aspects of the courses they built and describe things they learned while teaching them.

Effective Multimedia Design

The principles for designing effective multimedia experiences for students are supported by a research-backed cognitive framework.

Watch this video for an overview of this framework and specific principles that you can use to improve how and when you combine words, images, animation, and narration.

“We think they’re hearing exactly what we’re saying, but there’s a lot of processing going on behind the scenes. What the model does is explain how that processing works.”
– Cigdem Talger, CATLR

Worked Examples

Unlike an example delivered as a finished produce, a “worked example” walks students through the process of thinking through the sequence of a problem or activity.

Watch this video for some descriptions of worked examples and how teachers in different disciplines have made effective use of them.

“A good worked example is a set of worked examples.”
– Sue Freeman, Engineering

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