Generating Quiz Questions for Learning in Information Systems

Alex Cline
Course Subject:Information systems
Student Level:First and second year
Number of Students:40-50
Developed by:Alex Cline, Assistant Professor, Computing and Information Systems, London

What Students Did  

Helped each other prepare for exams by collaboratively using ChatGPT to develop and curate appropriate quiz questions. 

Learning Goals and Purpose

The purpose of the activity was to improve exam performance. Through the process, they applied critical thinking and collaboration skills and developed prompt engineering skills. 


The activity was not assessed, but feedback was provided regarding the scope and level of challenge of the quiz questions generated.

Faculty Reflections

Repeated testing is an effective way to learn, but creating quiz questions for this purpose can be time consuming for the instructor. The activity provided an opportunity for students to generate their own quizzes and provide feedback to their peers on their performance. This process reinforced the content learning while also fostering critical thinking, collaboration, and prompt engineering skills. Students were highly engaged in the activity and eager to report back what they had done. According to student feedback, they became more comfortable with not only generating their own questions, but also in evaluating others. Additionally, the process improved exam performance and, according to some students, reduced test anxiety.  

Step-by-Step Student Instructions

Step 1Work collaboratively in small groups to develop a set of quiz questions using a prompt such as the following:

  • Based on the content above, produce 5 multiple-choice questions about ____________. You should follow the following format:
    Question: / Correct Answer: / Incorrect Answer: / Incorrect Answer: / Incorrect Answer:
Step 2Given the content of our course and the expected knowledge of your classmates, select the best questions to quiz them on their knowledge and prepare them for exams.
Step 3Develop the quiz in Canvas and invite your classmates to answer the questions.
Step 4Prepare feedback to deliver to your classmates about their incorrect answers.
Step 5Present the feedback to your classmates.

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