Mind Mapping for Connecting Concepts and Applying Systems Thinking

Martin Dias
Course Subject:Intro to Information Systems and Digital Technologies
Student Level:Undergraduate/mixed years
Number of Students:Approximately 40
Developed by:Martin Dias, Associate Teaching Professor, D’Amore-McKim School of Business

What Students Did

Used AI tools to generate multiple mind maps of course concepts across multiple rounds. 

Learning Goals and Purpose

Students learned to apply systems thinking and critical thinking skills by actively using mind mapping tools to organize, synthesize, and analyze various concepts and emerging trends. 

Faculty Reflections

Overall, this was an incredibly valuable experience for students because they had an opportunity to experiment in a low stakes environment. Results were uneven across students, depending on their comfort with the technology and willingness to take risks. Based on observations, about 25% of the students were happy to experiment and risk failure. These students helped to drive the conversation in a way that benefited the other students. The less comfortable students stated that they would not have tried the activity on their own.

Step-by-Step Student Instructions

Step 1Sign up and then log onto the web-based ChatUML tool.
Step 2Enter a prompt to generate a mind map that shows the relationships among concepts we have learned about in the current unit.

  • Example: I am a college student in business school learning about information systems.  I need a mind map that describes the role Big Data played in enabling the critical mass adoption of conversational generative AI.
Step 3Evaluate the quality of the mind map based upon the 4 criteria provided:

  • Availability (task completed, response generated)
  • Usability (format, structure, representation)
  • Accuracy (correct, factual)
  • Relevancy (salient and comprehensive)
Step 4Refine the prompt to improve the output.
Step 5Re-evaluate and refine as needed.
Step 6Download a PNG file of the mind map. Submit the file and your evaluation of the mind map in Canvas.

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