Tuesday, April 30, 2019

2019 Conference for Advancing Evidence-Based Learning


The Conference for Advancing Evidence-Based Learning showcases Northeastern faculty and staff/co-curricular educators who engage in research and collaborate on evidence-based practice in teaching and learning.

In educational contexts, the term “evidence-based” means both designing educational experiences based on findings from research on learning, student development, and other related fields and carrying out structured inquiries that collect and analyze evidence to further understand learning.

Northeastern’s holistic, lifelong approach to learning recognizes that everyone involved in a student’s educational experience is an educator. In addition to inviting faculty presenters, this year’s conference includes staff/co-curricular educators and students presenting their work through the lens of the theoretical frameworks that inform it. Sessions also include faculty, staff/co-curricular educators, and students presenting on the ways in which they are collaborating with each other and with students to design robust learning experiences.


Dr. Alison Cook-Sather

“Working Alongside Those That Are Typically Viewed as Having the Power”: Expanding Structures to Support Students as Partners in Learning and Teaching

In this interactive keynote, I will offer a set of premises and present a range of practices that fall under the umbrella of pedagogical partnership. Drawing on these premises and practices, I will discuss how we might expand structures to support students as partners with faculty and staff in learning-focused collaborations. Together we will unpack the student description of this work that constitutes the first part of the keynote title—“working alongside those that are typically viewed as having the power”—as it applies to faculty and staff as well as to students working in cross-role partnerships intended to position everyone involved as both learner and teacher. Throughout I will ask everyone present actively to reflect on and to imagine possibilities for working with students as partners in learning and teaching.

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It was really great! The conference was very well-organized, and the new location was wonderful. All the presentations I saw were helpful and informative.

2017 Conference Attendee


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