Join us virtually on Tuesday, May 4, & Wednesday, May 5, 2021

Conference for Advancing Evidence-Based Learning

Keynote Speaker

Dr. Mays Imad

Mays Imad

Leveraging the Neuroscience of Now: Toward Healing & Recovery

In this session, we will reflect on the past year and imagine what moving forward will be. We interrogate the notions of safety, connections, and care. We will examine the neuroscience of hope and how we can reignite our relationship with hope and impart it to our students and colleagues.

Please read Dr. Mays Imad’s article from Inside Higher Ed: Hope Still Matters: How Faculty Can Impart Hope to Students When Feeling Hope-Depleted Themselves.


Mays Imad is a neuroscientist and professor of pathophysiology and biomedical ethics at Pima Community College, the founding coordinator of the Teaching and Learning Center, and a Gardner Institute Fellow. Dr. Imad’s current research focuses on stress, self-awareness, advocacy, and classroom community, and how these relate to cognition, metacognition, and, ultimately, student learning and success. Through her teaching and research, she seeks to provide her students with transformative opportunities which are grounded in the aesthetics of learning, truth-seeking, justice, and self-realization.


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