Generating Scenarios for Learning in Information Systems

Alex Cline
Course Subject:Information systems
Student Level:First and second year
Number of Students:40-50
Developed by:Alex Cline, Assistant Professor, Computing and Information Systems, London

What Students Did  

Used ChatGPT to generate scenarios that were leveraged in scenario-based learning. The scenarios presented mock customer service issues that the students practiced responding to. 

Learning Goals and Purpose

The purpose of the activity was to develop material for scenario-based learning. The primary goal was to develop customer service skills. By generating the scenarios, they also learned how to generate and curate content.


The activity was not assessed, but feedback was provided regarding the relevance and quality of the scenarios generated.

Faculty Reflections

Scenario-based learning can be an effective way for students to gain practice with realistic situations, but creating scenarios can be time-consuming. This activity allowed students to generate their own scenarios for this purpose. Through the process of creating the scenarios, students became more familiar with a wide range of customer issues. Having the scenarios enabled them to practice responding to customer issues in a business-like manner. 

Step-by-Step Student Instructions

Step 1Work collaboratively in small groups to develop a set of realistic customer service scenarios.
Step 2Submit the scenarios through Canvas.

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