What Does It Take To Design An Online Course?

Faculty Thoughts on Going Online

When faculty develop an online course for the first time, they are often surprised by the work that goes into planning and developing the structure, materials, and assignments. Even when a course is well established, transitioning it into an online format typically involves rethinking aspects of the structure, flow, and learning strategies to take advantage of the online environment.

CATLR’s video, Designing an Online Course, presents a first-hand faculty perspective on online course development. Dr. Adam Cooper is a 2017 CATLR Online Course Design Fellow. In the video, Dr. Cooper discusses his experience developing an online version of “Introduction to Language and Linguistics.” As you hear his narrative and see screenshots of the course, you will gain both an understanding of the process and a vision of what one online course looks like.

While many factors can influence the development time frame, CATLR suggests that faculty anticipate spending 4-6 months of regular work time to design and develop an online course. We have compiled a self-assessment instrument to help faculty consider the factors that might impact online course development and estimate the time needed for their course development project. Download the self-assessment and save the form locally to complete it.

Feel free to contact CATLR to request a consultation on your course design project.