Self-Paced: Getting the Most Out of Online Learning at Northeastern – A Module for Students

Students who know how to organize themselves, self-motivate, contribute actively, and collaborate within groups online are better prepared to succeed in all learning contexts, especially those that involve hybrid or fully online learning.

To help learners develop these capabilities, CATLR has created a self-paced module for students that includes video tips from Northeastern students and instructors, as well as recommended exercises that students can do at key moments during the semester (e.g., first week of class, when setting priorities for tasks, while working in groups on projects, and preparing for midterms). In addition to helping students build their capacity for self-efficacy, this module provides students with guidance on developing productive relationships with faculty and peers to improve their sense of belonging and connection with others.

As an instructor, you can import this module into any of your courses. The import process takes less than a minute, and the module is fully editable so you can revise, delete, or add any content you wish. If you do not wish to import the module but still want to recommend it to your students, you can share a self-enroll link to a standalone version of the module.

For Instructors: To see a preview of the module and access directions for adding the module to your courses, self-enroll in the faculty preview:

For Students: To encourage your students to self-enroll themselves, share this self-enroll link for the self-paced version of the module:

You cannot be enrolled in the course without Northeastern credentials.

[Session format: Self-paced, asynchronous online modules]