Experiential Learning

We work with educators to maximize the impact of Northeastern’s signature pedagogy.

Any experience has the potential to be a learning experience, but we know that not all experiences lead to learning.

Everyday experience transforms into experiential learning when learners reflect on connections between the experience, their own prior knowledge, and aspects of the context in order to gain perspective and integrate learning across experiences. This transformation moves a learning moment from simple acquisition of knowledge into the realm of more holistic personal development.

Educators at Northeastern are lucky to work with learners who have returned from or are preparing for experiential learning activities of many kinds. From co-op employment and various forms of study abroad to service-learning experiences, research projects, and more.

These qualities in our learners can serve as rich sources of prior knowledge and motivation. When we as educators can tap into these sources of engagement, we can make the learning experience more potent for everyone involved.